Weighted Lap Pad


Your child will fell secure and cozily weighed down with our soft minky lap pads because of its perfect weight and ultra comforting material. This washable weighted blanket provides great warmth and relaxation with a double-sided minky and bambook cover which is machine-washable.

This blanket is the perfect weighted lap pad for kids, teens or adults. The smart sleepers ways to find tranquility day or night, this weighted throw uses gravity for a calming experience at any time of day, and can be used in the summer or winter - choose the minky side for warmth, or the bamboo side for a cooling effect.

This lap pad is perfect for kids, teens or adults who have sensory issues or difficulty focusing. Ideal to use when studying, sitting in the car during ravel, or when taking a nap and ensuring you feel calm, relaxed, and secure. Those with autism often use a weighted lap pad. They are a great addition to a calm corner in the classroom at school.

Measuring 20" x 23" when open, the Florensi weighted lap blanket folds up to 10" x 10" x 3" and is completely portable. It fits well into a backpack, so you can take it to school, the office, in the car, or on a plane. Use it at home to support kids, adults and even pets. This weighted blanket can accompany your family on the next trip out of town, or to the gym or yoga studio. Available in 7 lb, 5 lb and 3 lb weights.

The Florensi weighted lap pad is covered with warm, soft fabric and has evenly distributed beads that will make you or your children feel comfortable during the day or night. Non-toxic glass beads are secured with sturdy stitching in 6" squares to prevent any leakage. The weighted pad is designed to be the perfect size for the lap so kids can feel warm while sitting and studying.


Product Description

Florensi Weighted Lap Pad

  • For kids, teens and adults
  • Soft, warm, comfortable
  • Sensory Items for Sleep or Calm and Relaxing Rest
  • Perfect for Studying
  • Perfect for Kids with Special Needs
  • Cozy Hugging Sensation
  • Child and Adult Anxiety Helper & Sleep Aid
  • Improve your Focus
  • Perfect size for Travel
  • Well-made and Trusted
  • Machine-washable

Technical Details

Item Weight: 7 Pounds, 5 Pounds, or 3 Pounds
Fabric Type: Minky & Bamboo
Refill: glass beads
Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Batteries Required: No


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